Our Inspiration

Carrying Forward Dr. Ajit Golwilkar's Legacy of Over Four Decades

In the year 1978, a young doctor- Dr. Ajit Golwilkar, dreamt of bringing world class pathology services to the city of Pune & founded his pathology laboratory on Karve Road, called Golwilkar Laboratories. His name has been considered as synonymous with quality laboratory services in Pune & the country for four over decades now.

To begin with, the samples used to test with the then available basic diagnostic techniques, none the less maintaining highest accuracy and reliability. His endeavour had been to deliver results in shortest possible time and yet at affordable cost.

There have been many firsts to the credit of Dr.Golwilkar, who provided automation and a diverse test facility through radioimmunoassay, other immunoassay techniques, immunophenotyping- immunohistochemistry & flowcytometry, molecular diagnostic techniques- polymerase chain reaction, automated microbiology techniques, quality system, accreditation and laboratory information system (LIS).

Dr. Golwilkar had recognised the need for Home Visit services way back in 1978 & pioneered this concept in the city.

Dr. Golwilkar had been serving the society across all sectors including many hospitals in Pune, teaching institutes and medical colleges, research institutes and social organizations. Thus, his name has been identical with ‘Trust’ for many families through three to four generations for their diagnostic needs.

His legacy is now ably carried forward by both his daughters - Dr. Awanti Golwilkar-Mehendale and Dr. Vinanti Golwilkar- Patankar. It can be said that pathology runs in their blood.

  • 40 Years Trusted Legacy of Dr. Ajit Golwilkar
  • State-Of-The-Art Pathology Laboratory & Diagnostic Centre Spread Across 16000 sq. ft.
  • NABL Accredited as per ISO 15189:2012,Certificate Number : MC-3143
  • 45+ Collection Centres Across Pune
  • Bringing Trust to Your Doorstep Through Home Visit Services

Tests Available For

  • Diabetes
  • Infertility
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Kidney Related Diseases
  • Cancer
  • Hormones
  • Cardiac Markers
  • Liver Related Diseases

& Many More

Other Facilities Available

  • X-Ray
  • Mammography
  • USG
  • ECG
  • Stress Test
  • 2D echo
  • Consultation By Physician

home visit Services

Dr. Ajit Golwilkar, CEO of A G Diagnostics, recognised the need for Home visit services way back in 1978 & pioneered this concept in the city of Pune.

He recognized that very ill patients, or patients who cannot move due to injuries, differently abled patients, pregnant ladies, senior citizens, patients who live far from his set up but trust his services only, need home service facilities. He himself started doing home visits for blood collection. He has personally trained & motivated many of our home visit phlebotomists.

Thus, Home visit services is a sine qua non feature of our laboratory.

May it be rain or sunshine or a chilly winter morning, our expert home visit team members offer courteous & prompt services across the city.

Book an appointment now & get a superior phlebotomy experience.

Our team

We take great pride in the efficiency and ethics practised by our technical team. Their knowledge of technology used and the constant thirst to adapt to new, innovative practises helps us remain at the top of our game. We strive at maintaining healthy relationships with each and every one of our patients and have created an environment of good will amongst the technical team as well. Our team of doctors, phlebotomists, technicians and customer care staff have imbibed within themselves operational excellence and the ability to deliver accurate reports in shortest possible time.

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Our Values

Trust & Transparency

40 years of a trusted legacy has ensured that families spanning across four or more generations have chosen us. Our belief is that total transparency is the key to nurturing strong relationships with every patient. Place your trust in us and be assured of the transparency of our services always.

Our People, Our Family

Providing excellent services perpetually has helped us create bonds with people. Open lines of communication with our patients have helped these bonds strengthen and we consider those who choose our services our family. At A.G Diagnostics our staff is more family than employees therefore we pride ourselves on having a strong and healthy workspace.

Learning & Innovation

Learning and innovation is the key to success. Pathology is a science that is constantly growing and we ensure that we remain at the top of the game by being up-to-date.

Customer Before Self

We deeply value those who choose us and therefore our aim is to always put the customer before self. Our services have been founded on this very value.

Excellence Is Our Pride

We strive at providing quality work to those who seek our services. Excellence has and will always be a virtue we imbibe in our team and services. Delivering accurate results in the shortest time possible is our main objective at A.G Diagnostics. Ensuring that we get accurate results the first time, every time in the shortest possible time is our constant aim.

CSR Policy

We have committed to contribute to the society in ways possible for the organization and has set up its committed team, as a means for fulfilling this commitment.

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